Welcome, Ashley Bair!

The Designated Associate Pastor Nominating Committee
of Central Presbyterian Church is pleased to introduce Associate Pastor Elect Ashley Bair.

At special meeting of Central Presbyterian Church on Sunday, January 27, a hearing was called to receive the final report of the Designated Associate Pastor Nominating Committee and to vote on the acceptance of Ashley Bair as the Designated Associate Pastor. First, a vote was received of the children and visitors as an advisory to the congregation.  13 votes of children, 24 votes of visitors all as yes.  Then came the vote of the congregation and with the ballots of 65 members in hand, it was a unanimous YES!

And so, we welcome Ashley Bair as our Designated Associate Pastor elect and look forward to her joining our staff and congregation. 

The Next Steps for Ashley

Join us Sunday, May 19 at 10:30 a.m. for the installation of Rev. Ashley Bair as our Associate Pastor.  This is a celebration and culmination of dreams, generosity, and hard work, as well as an affirmation of faith in God’s call on this church for the future.  Special music from Central Choir, Central Chamber Ensemble, guest instrumentalists, and the premiere of a new hymn commissioned by Central Presbyterian Church from Abbie Betinis, our composer-in-residence.

A reception will follow.

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A word from Rev. Colby

Introduction to Ashley Bair

My Journey to Ministry

The DAPNC is pleased to introduce proposed Designated Associate Pastor Ashley Bair to the congregation through a series of videos with Ashley. In video 1 of 3, we learn of Ashley's background and the journey she has taken through social work and mission work towards a career in ministry.

We invite you to learn more about Ashley by downloading this pamphlet which was mailed to all members.

Why Central?

In video 2 of 3, we learn what drew Ashley to Central.


In video 3 of 3, we hear about Ashley's look towards the future and what she is eagerly awaiting at Central.

Thank you to the DAPNC!

Thank you to everyone who served on the Designated Associate Pastor Nominating Committee. We are grateful for your commitment to finding the right candidate to serve at Central and for the 791.25 hours you put in to do this work.



FRONT (L to R) Stu Siebell - Chair, Kiera Faye, Rev. David Colby
BACK (L to R) Denise Dunbar-Perkins, Fluryanne Leach, Bruce Beese, Gifty Amarteifio  

Read about the Selection Process