Our Logo

When we received a large financial gift in 2017, we knew this was an opportunity to really explore who we are as a church, what we want to do and who we want to become.  As part of these discussions, it became apparent it was time to rebrand Central to reflect this inward dialogue and the ever evolving community we continue serve.

As Session was working to articulate the values of Central, our key staff worked with the New Members and Volunteer Committee to explore key narratives that defined our identity, purpose and place in this community.   After exploring several themes, design concepts and subsequent refinements to our favorite possibilities, a new look for Central took shape.  The end result is a comprehensive logo that infers the best of who we are and who we want to become.   

Following is the inspiration that takes shape in our logo.

  • Inspiration is taken from the balcony view of people seated throughout the curved sanctuary of Central on Sundays.
  • Subtle, but important, theological images can be found within this design, be it the splash of water at baptism, a crown of thorns, or the dancing flames of the Holy Spirit.
  • Shapes represent diversity - persons from differing backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures and strengths coming together around a common purpose.
  • In pursuit of social justice, elements move out from the core - showing Central’s efforts to put faith into action by engaging others and drive change in our broader community.  
  • Design is open and airy with an almost fluid movement and flow, much like the art of music for which Central is so revered.
  • Elements move inward to reflect the idea of people ‘coming to the table’, representative of our food initiatives where all are welcome.
  • Aesthetic is inspired by the shape of our prominent stained glass windows.
  • Icon is reflective of the sanctuary, an auditorium designed to amplify the spoken word.  
  • The focal point of the logo is the core, reflective of our emphasis and focus first inward on the word of God.
  • A clean, contemporary style was chosen to reflect changing design trends, the prominence of digital marketing and the influence of younger demographics. 

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