Media Use Policy

Photographs of worship activities and our members brings our website and social media to life, providing a window into the vitality and friendliness of the community that gathers at Central each Sunday. Accordingly, as we continue working to grow our congregation, you may see more and more of our staff photographer during worship and other Central activities.

With that in mind, we are providing this policy for our member and visitors.

When you enter a worship service or public event at Central Presbyterian Church, you will be entering an area where photography, video and audio recording may occur. By participating in these events, you consent to photography or video recording being used in Central marketing materials, including but not limited to: websites, social media, newsletters, brochures, advertisements, displays, etc.

Our photographers and staff will abide by the following:

  • To ensure the privacy of children and adults, full names or personal identifying information will not be used without written approval from the photographed adult, parent or legal guardian.

  • We will not identify children or youth by name in the photos / videos in any online or printed publications.

  • Photographs of children outside the Sanctuary, Friendship Room, Lounge or Dining Room (community spaces) will only be done with prior express written permission by parents.

  • If copyright for a photo or video is held by someone other than Central Presbyterian Church, we will receive permission to post it and gladly provide credit if desired by the photographer.

  • Subjects of images may receive digital copies of published images at no cost.

  • We will gladly remove any photo or video upon request from our online websites, social media and resource files.

If you have any concerns for yourself, family or children, please do one of the following:

  • Make your wishes known to the photographer in person at the time of photography.

  • Email Christie Rachelle, Director of Communications at, provide the name of those who should not be photographed and include a photograph of said persons. Central will use the photo for identification purposes only and will hold it in confidence.

  • Contact Anna Sanchez, Church Administrator, or Rev. David Colby in the office during normal church hours.

By participating in Central worship or events or by failing to notify Central of your desire to not have your image used, you are agreeing to release, defend, hold harmless and indemnify Central from any and all claims involving the use of your picture or likeness.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with one of the following:


Christie Rachelle
Director of Communications
(952) 564-4472

Anna Sanchez
Church Administrator
(651) 224-4728