If you are interested in getting more involved at Central, we invite you to consider joining one of the following committees.  Volunteers are accepted for annual positions.

To learn more about an individual committee or how you might get involved,
we invite you to speak with the committee chair or contact our church administrator.

Facilities Management & Risk Assessment


This committee is not only responsible for addressing building maintenance, but also for identifying and minimizing safety issues. Significant recent projects include upgrading the fire protection system, mold abatement in the lower level, purchase of an Automated External Defribrillator (AED), redecoration of the second floor lounge, updating of the sanctuary sound system. Thanks to a grant from the Minnesota Historical Society, this committee is managing a series of asset preservation projects relating to the exterior of the building.

Fluryanne Leach, Chair

Worship, Music, and Arts

This committee oversees big-picture worship and arts planning and coordinates the work of ushers and communion preparation.

Denny Reimer, Chair

Finance & Stewardship

This committee analyzes and recommends the strategic use of financial resources.  With the treasurer, this committee interprets income, expenses and financial realities and priorities to the boards and to the congregation.  This committee will create and implement a stewardship campaign in the fall to increase participation in the life of the church.

Rich Binger, Chair



This committee is responsible for ensuring effective staffing for the church, and to oversee an annual evaluation process for each staff member.  Some aspects of the work of this committee is highly confidential.

Stu Siebell, Chair

Coordinated Missions

Central does lots of mission or community outreach through the use of our building, our dollars, and our volunteer time.  The job of this committee is to coordinate, implement and execute our mission or community serving efforts, so that we can be most effective. 

Sharon Zopfi-Jordan, Chair

Children and Youth Ministry

This committee oversees all the programs that Central offers for children and youth, including Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, monthly outings, nursery care, and other events coordinated with worship.

Kati Berg, Chair

New Members and Volunteers

This committee will engage visitors, host new member classes, and help new members assimilate.  In addition, this committee is charged with recruiting and training volunteers for Project Home and ongoing tasks in the church (such as ushers, coffee preparers and servers). This group also assists with publicity and communication needs.

Alex Bollman, Chair


This is a committee, not of the Session, but of the entire congregation.  According to Central’s bylaws, two elders are to serve on this committee, and one is to chair it.  It usually meets regularly for about one month in the Fall and is charged with discerning whom God is preparing to serve as elders and deacons.

Carl Willis, Chair

Presbytery Commissioners

Central is eligible to send two voting commissioners to presbytery meetings.  Some churches elect commissioners (and alternates) to serve for a year; others select commissioners on a rotating basis.  Presbytery meetings are held on Tuesdays or Saturdays five times each year in churches from across the presbytery (which stretches from Rochester to Hudson, Wisconsin).  This can provide greater awareness about the work of the church beyond Central.

Women of Central

While not a formal ‘committee’ of Session, this group connects regularly for networking and other activities, including planning and coordination of special events such as Deck the Halls for the Christmas season and the prayer shawl ministry.

Sue Hoffman, Chair