Puerto Rico Mission Trip

Get involved

The situation in Puerto Rico has been developing, and the challenges facing people on the island continue to be daunting.  Representatives from Presbyterian Disaster Assistance recently returned from a trip to Puerto Rico and now have two mission sites doing good work and taking reservations for mission trip groups.

As previously announced, Central is looking to send a mission team to assist in this rebuilding.  We would be looking to go after the 2018 hurricane season concludes, likely in late October or November.  While plans have been slow to develop, we expect to move fast over the next few weeks. 


Presbyterian Disaster Assistance has two church sites that are doing good work and capable of hosting groups.  For both sites, the work we would do is rebuilding homes that were uninsured or underinsured, requiring hard work with cement.  But a mission specialist at PDA emphasized that there is a range of tasks and some of the work group might go knowing that they won't do much of the hard labor, but might do things like landscaping, or meal service, or being a journalist about the trip.

If you would like to learn a bit about these two different locations, you might begin with looking where they are on a map.  One is in the Monteflores neighborhood of San Juan (very close to the international airport) and the Old City.  The other location is in Añasco on the west side of the island.  Both of the sites have a presence on Facebook and details and images can be found by conducting an internet search.

  • La Casona de Monteflores Presbyterian Church. Maximum team size 11. (This will likely increase to 20 by 11.1.18).

  • La Posada de Angeles Añasco. Maximum team size 16.

Next steps

If you are personally interested in going, please let Rev. Colby know and you will be added to a list of folks who have indicated interest.

Based upon interest and availability, we will try to set dates and make a reservation for our group at one of the PDA sites.  To learn more, visit our Mission page or speak with Rev. David Colby.