Rev. Bair Shares Prayer at the Capitol

Ashley Bair at Capitol 2.jpg

Minnesota legislative leaders are in special session at the Capitol to approve the spending plan and have asked Rev. Ashley Bair to lead them in morning prayer. As we read the following prayer that she has shared with them, let it be a thought that we carry in our own hearts as well.

"In reverence and gratitude, let us take a posture of meditation and prayer.

Source of all, at this time of work and pressure, we take a moment to pause, and breathe, and listen for the sound of our neighbor’s breath. We take a moment to hear the buzzing of electricity and the hum of the air. We listen and we feel for all of the things that bring life into this space. While it is storming outside, let our hearts bring light into this room, remembering that we rose this morning alongside the sun, ready for another day to fulfill our purpose and serve our people. May the blessing of wisdom and courage and justice and kindness be upon all in this room as we do all that we can to make the most of our time today until the sun rises again tomorrow.


You can view the video of her prayer on youtube here.

This is not the first time Rev. Bair has offered in the opening prayer at the State Capitol. To see her last visit to the MN House of Representatives. To see live coverage, go to: