Associate Pastor Search Continues

As we begin the exciting process of searching for an Associate Pastor, we will be working closely with the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area and using denominational resources and following its processes.  In July, Central’s Session submitted an official request to the presbytery’s Committee on Ministry to open a Designated Associate Pastor position, and that request was approved.  We have completed the Ministry Information Form, which will be available for potential candidates to see, and we will also use that form proactively to advertise our position and recruit outstanding candidates.

Here are three excerpts about the position and what we are looking for in candidates:

We are looking for someone who is smart, engaging, faithful, energetic, strategic, creative, and innovative. A person who will be tireless in trying new ways to enable Central to fulfill our larger vision.  We have a strong staff in place already, so we are looking for someone who will be a good team-player and make a strong staff even better. 

The Associate Pastor will devote approximately 50% of her/his time on general Pastoral leadership

Leading worship which includes preaching ~ 1.5 times/month, ministering to the congregation in the spheres of Christian Education (adult, youth and children), providing Pastoral care, working with church committees, working to develop, refine church and program vision and turning vision and mission into executable programs

Additionally, approximately 50% of her/his time will be devoted to providing primary staff leadership for outreach to Downtown and Lowertown St. Paul. This will require that the Associate Pastor possess an entrepreneurial spirit and an engaging personality and a high energy level. Tasks will include but not be limited to:

  • Meeting residents both new and established

  • Seeking new members

  • Assisting new members to acclimate and integrate into the congregation

  • Establishing a dynamic presence and identity in the community

  • Developing community partnerships with (a) other churches (b) other organizations (Gospel Mission, United Way, Twin Cities R!SE, etc.) (c) the local business community

We decided to look for a Designated Associate Pastor because this new position is an opportunity to be nimble, robust and able to adapt to opportunities that present themselves.  We have set aside six years of full funding for this position, but we will, as a whole church, continuously seek improvement and dynamic ways and means to better carry out our mission. The Associate Pastor position will evolve as the church evolves.

If you have ideas on people we should approach about our position, or questions about the process, please contact Rev. Colby at or Stu Siebell, the chair of the Personnel Committee at