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Mission Trip

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In November 2018, 15 volunteers from Central went on a mission trip to Puerto Rico to work with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.  Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria in September 2017. It was estimated that thousands died from storm-related causes and the island continued to suffer from infrastructure problems and slow recovery a year later.

Through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, Central partnered with a local church (First Presbyterian Church) and its mission (La Posada De Angeles) in Añasco. You can learn about the ongoing efforts of this group at at www.laposadadeangeles.org or on Facebook by searching La Posada de Angeles

The mission trip team projects included:

  • Demolition of a badly damaged home so it can be rebuilt.

  • Interior and exterior painting, installing a toilet and flooring of a home of two sisters in hospice care.

  • Sealing/painting the veranda roof of the volunteer housing.

  • Scraping paint and loose concrete off the walls of the host church sanctuary so it can be repaired/repainted.

  • Landscaping to prepare a garden at the church for replanting.

  • Financial donation to the host church in Anasco and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.

Learn about the mission trip:

Putting Faith Into Action

Mission trips can be life-changing experiences for participants and for the sponsoring congregation.  When viewed as humble learning experiences and not paternalistic do-gooding, participants can connect their faith to the situation other communities are facing, learn about themselves and other cultures, develop and deepen friendships within Central, and do some good.  Mission trips can help foster partnerships, and put our faith or prayers into concrete actions. 

For More Information

If you are personally interested in going on a future mission trip, please let Rev. Colby know.  He will keep you apprised of opportunities, cost and planning details as future mission trip plans are solidified.